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We respect your privacy, so any information you provide us with will be used solely to obtain the best coverage for you and your situation. Because every person is different, we always aim to find the best insurance coverage fit for your unique characteristics!

The information we collect

The answers you give to the questions we ask will be used only to find the insurance products you’re looking for. Every insurance company has their own pricing policy, so we use the information to match you with the most affordable quotes. The usual information we ask for is about your health, lifestyle, family history and contact information. One of our licensed agents will review the information, and in some cases, may call or email you to clarify any issues. They will also answer any questions you have.

And you don’t have to worry. All your information is safe with us. Critical-Illness-Insurance.com is trusted, trustworthy and committed to your security, privacy, and comfort. All our previous clients have been happy with the level of service we offered in the most secure, private and quick way possible. Any questions you may have can be answered online or on the phone. You can call us at 1-844-885-0811

How is my information used?

We won’t share your information unless you give us your full permission. Once you choose your carrier and policy, we will begin the application process with the company and policy of your choice. You can still review and correct the information you have provided before we provide it to the insurance carrier.

How do I review my information?

To review the information and offer any corrections necessary, just call us at 1-844-885-0811 We always take reasonable steps to verify your identity before we allow you to access these records. We are committed to protect your privacy and security and use these steps to keep all of your data safe.

Once I authorize you to release it, how do the insurance companies use my information?

All information you provide us with is used only for qualifying you for critical illness insurance. When the law permits it, your information may be used to gather data on credit, driving records, and/or medical records from third parties. This information is used for underwriting purposes only, and it is in accordance with the disclosures and releases you sign with your application.

Does Critical-Illness-Insurance.com sell personal information to third parties?


Our Site Security

We protect your information on the internet by encoding it using SSL (Secured Socket Layer) protocol encryption. All information submitted to Critical-Illness-Insurance.com is encrypted using a Network Solutions digital certificate, a reliable leading provider of internet security technology.


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Cookies are not used to collect any private data from you, so you can feel confident that Critical-Illness-Insurance.com will not compromise your security and privacy when you accept cookies from our site. We also use pixels, or transparent GIF files to manage our on-site advertising. These files are provided by our advertisers and help us to identify which campaigns bring users to our site. All the cookies on our site collect only anonymous and not personally identifiable information—they do not contain your name, address, phone number or email address.

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